Cuba, it was an interesting trip! Not only because I was with 15 family members, but because of the difference of visiting a close country. A country where it’s extremely difficult to keep in touch with citizens who have defected, and a government that controls the flow of information into the country and dictates what is taught. At a macro level, it’s just information, but on the ground, you really notice the difference of the locals’ world-views. I remember on one occasion, chatting with a local about baseball as it was their team’s semi final. The conversation was getting good, and realizing there were many Cuban plans in the Major Leagues, I try to conjure up plays I’ve seen from common players we might of both known. But unfortunately, that’s where the conversation stopped as he didn’t seem to know there was another league outside of the Cuban league.

I must say though, one thing I really admire about the Cubans are how resilient they are. It seems regardless of the trials, and obstacles that are placed in front of them, or even injustice, they seem to face it with courage and a sense of hope. Whether it was the new exchanging Cuban pesos that made things much more expensive for the local, or when the electricity went out, it was the same saying, “Eh, it’s Cuba!”

Musical Pairing: Celebrate, Kool & Gang

Musical Pairing: Celebrate, Kool & Gang


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